Monday, Jul 09, 2018

Marla Orr

Monday, Jul 09, 2018

437 Hanbee St, Richardson, TX, 75080, custom home, 5 bedroom, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 stories, 2 car garage, Richardson ISDI LOVE, LOVE LOVE my new Shaddock Caldwell home. They did a lot of research to make my home truly handi-cap friendly which was the main feature I was interested in, and I got to use that feature sooner than I expected as my hip replacement from 10 years ago chose to come disconnected in April of this year forcing me to use a lot of my handicap features to get myself out and to the hospital on one leg. They incorporated all of my ideas and had many other ideas to make it modern and really useable for church members likely to be living here when I am gone. It looks a lot larger than it really is because of the high ceilings and doorways, and it is really easy to keep clean and presentable at all times. My cabinet space is much more than I thought I would need and all of the storage space is very convenient for my needs and for anyone likely to live here after I am gone. Thank you Shaddock Caldwell Builders & Developers for building my dream house!

~Marla Orr

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